Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Screen more candidates and save time.

The recruitment process is time consuming, expensive and requires expertise. Effective ads must be written and published on multiple job boards, applicants have to be properly screened, records need to be kept, and testing administered. All of which has to be done when time is limited due to the increase in business or employee turnover that created the opening in the first place.

Staff Source RPO can help by outsourcing the initial stages of the recruitment process. We advertise our Client’s open positions in both local and national job boards and social sites, receive and digitize the applications, prescreen and respond to all applicants. This gives our clients access to a greater number of candidates and allows them to spend their time interviewing qualified candidates who are interested in their position instead of searching through, and responding to, large numbers of unqualified or uninterested applicants.

How Staffing Network RPO works:

Staff Source RPO can be used for a single job opening or for multiple job openings. The following are the steps taken when using our service.

Step One: Position Description Worksheet – Together Staff Source RPO and the Client fill out a Job Description Worksheet. This worksheet describes the position and contains all the information needed to begin the recruitment process.

Step Two: 

Skills Worksheet (optional) – Staff Source RPO and the Client then complete the leadership skills worksheet. This worksheet determines which objective criteria will be used for ranking applicants.

Step Three: 

Writing and placing Advertisements – Staff Source RPO will create an effective job advertisement. Once it is approved by the Client, it is posted to local and national job boards as well as social media sites.

Step Four: 

Screening and ranking – All applicants come back to Staff Source RPO where they are maintained in a digital file. We then screen, qualify, and respond to each applicant so they know where they stand in the hiring process.  If the ranking option is selected we will also rank the applicants according to their qualifications.

Step Five: 

Testing (optional) – Staff Source RPO can administer position specific testing to applicants who meet the hiring criteria.

Step Six: 

Client Interview and Hire – Once the Client determines which applicants they are interested in, Staff Source RPO can assist in scheduling the interview/screening. The client decides the level of Staff Source involvement from this point forward.

If the right candidate does not apply – We have other strategies to assist.

So if the job advertisements do not generate the candidates required for our Clients to fill their job openings we are able to help. First we can refer candidates that we have access to through our proprietary databases but have not yet placed. Secondly, if you wish to interview more candidates than we generate from our databases of applicants, we can actively recruit for the position(s). Our a la carte approach allows our Clients to invest in the amount of service needed.